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  • Overall face lifting effects; Drooping effects, fine lines and wrinkles, ‘bulldogs cheeks’, double chin 

  • Bell’s palsy 

  • Rehabilitation after antritis, sinusitis 

  • Negative effects of a stroke

  • Blood circulation and lymphatic flow

  • Anti Ageing

A unique and natural approach to facial rejuvenation, that revolutionised the traditional approach to beauty in the industry. This treatment gives the prolonged effect of natural face, neck and décolleté lifting without side effects and the risks of complications and the whole body rejuvenation.

A way to work with each muscle the smart way and to help the client to release pain, it doesn’t just release the muscle tension or providing total relaxation, but it removes the problem that hinders you from living.


  • Pregnancy


  • Herpes

  • Oral cavity disease

  • Increased bleeding of gums

  • Oncology

  • Diseases of a thyroid gland (craw)

  • Pathologies of lymphatic system 

  • Infection diseases

  • Botox and Dermal Filler administered less than 5 weeks ago

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